White, Silver, And Black, Watch Your Backs – Blue Is Slated To Be The Hottest Car Color Of 2017


26 Apr White, Silver, And Black, Watch Your Backs – Blue Is Slated To Be The Hottest Car Color Of 2017


The most popular car colors on the market have remained largely static for quite a while. For consumer vehicles, white has reigned supreme for the better part of a decade, coming in at a staggering 25% of the market share. Black and silver are not far behind, tied at about 19% of the total market share of new cars on the market.

When trucks, SUVs, and other vehicles are taken into account, the lineup changes a bit – silver takes the lead at about 25%, according to Kelley Blue Book, white trails at 15%, and black clocks in at 12%. Still, these three colors continue to dominate the market, and show no sign of falling out of favor any time soon. Or do they?

In fact, a new challenger is rising, and slated to take a chunk out of white’s dominance in new cars. And that color is… blue!


Blue – A Rising Star In The World Of Automotive Paints

According to multibillion dollar paint conglomerate PPG, based in Pittsburgh, blue is the color to watch for in consumer vehicles in 2017. PPG reports that the number of blue vehicles manufactured, increased by 3 percent in luxury, midsize, and compact car markets in 2016, and that this color will continue to grow in popularity as time goes on.

Currently, blue vehicles make up about 10% of all new vehicles sold in the US, but as time goes on, we could certainly see the popularity of this color increase.


Why Choose Blue?

Blue is becoming more popular because it’s a tasteful, yet interesting color that can be used on just about any car to increase visual interest without decreasing retail value.

The primary reason that silver, black, and white have been so popular among automotive buyers for so long is that they’re neutral colors. While consumers may have a negative reaction to a yellow or a red car, they’re unlikely to feel much of anything at all when looking at a more neutral color –  which can increase retail value and the size of the market segment that a car can be sold to.

Blue seems to be growing in popularity because it hits an interesting middle ground – a great, metallic-blue paint job can lend some visual interest to a car with features like subtle hue shifts and different levels of chroma. However, a dark blue is rarely a turn-off to consumers, so car buyers get the best of both worlds – a visually interesting car that still preserves resale value and a rather neutral color scheme.


What Can Blue Do For You? Find Out At Miami Autoboutique Collision Center

Blue may be popular among new cars – but that doesn’t mean you have to buy a new vehicle just to get a gorgeous new paint job. At Miami Autoboutique Collision Center, we specialize in painting new and used cars, auto repair car mods, and advanced refinishing techniques like wet sanding. We also offer collision services and auto repair in Miami.

Our automotive experts can repaint your car in a flash, in whatever color you like. No job is too big or too small – and our wet sand and painting technicians provide only the best service, so that you’ll be driving away in a car that looks totally brand new.
Convinced yet that blue is right for you? Don’t wait to get a new car – bring your ride to Miami Autoboutique Collision Center, and we’ll have it looking good as new in a jiffy.

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