Many Don’t Understand the Difference Between These 2 Types of Autowork

2 Types of Autowork

24 May Many Don’t Understand the Difference Between These 2 Types of Autowork

2 Types of Autowork

No matter how durable a vehicle is, it is probably going to break down or require repairs at some point. When it does, it’s incredibly important that people have a decent understanding of where the problem lies. When it comes to auto collision repair, many people don’t even know the difference between framework, and dent repair! The difference is about as large as you’ll find on any vehicle however, and there are some very simple glaringly obvious signs that can be looked for to indicate whether a vehicle requires dent repair, or framework.

The biggest difference between dent repair and frame work is that frame work takes place on the frame of the vehicle. The frame of the vehicle is the main square piece underneath the car that everything else is then attached to. It helps to simplify the concept if you picture the frame as the skeleton of the car. Before the 1930’s, almost every single vehicle on the road was built with a separate structural frame that wasn’t attached to the body of the car. Over time, all of the passenger cars you see on the road today gradually evolved into a unibody construction design meaning that the frame was integrated into the body of the car. Trucks and bigger vehicle like buses however still retain the separate frame construction design.

Framework tends to be relatively simple as there isn’t much guessing that needs to be done to get to the bottom of the problem. Fixing frames is usually as simple as re-welding a broken area of the frame, or aligning the axles attached to it. Many auto collision repair specialists can identify as problem with the frame almost immediately, as they know what to look for.

Dent repair is completely unrelated to the frame. Dent repair is required when a collision with something has left the outside of your car dented to the point where it requires special tools to undo. There are many different ways to repair dents that will not damage your paint, as long as the dent isn’t too deep or doesn’t stretch the paint and metal. Dent removal has been around since the 1930s and most auto collision repair specialists use techniques involving glue or body picks and rods to get the dents out.

Whatever the type of auto collision repair you need done on your vehicle, the most important thing is to find a auto collision repair specialist with experience and a good track record so you aren’t stuck with a huge bill from an hours long job or poor quality repairs.

Whether you need your frame to be worked on and fixed, or you have some dents that you think require expert services to properly remove, if you are looking for auto body collision repair in Miami, you can’t go wrong with Autoboutique Collision Center in Miami, Florida. The specialists at Autoboutique Collision Center have decades of experience under their belts when it comes to both frame work and dent removal, and will make sure you leave satisfied with a fully fixed and functional vehicle. Don’t hesitate to get in touch with us today!

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