Wet-Sanding Auto Paint – Things to Consider Before Wet Sanding Your Car


29 Mar Wet-Sanding Auto Paint – Things to Consider Before Wet Sanding Your Car



Wet-sanding is enough to make some car lovers very squeamish indeed. This advanced car refinishing technique involves using liquid – usually water with an advanced detergent – to aid in sanding down paint, especially after a dry sanding job is finished. Wet sanding is very common in the automotive detailing industry because it’s the best way to get a glossy finish after sanding.
This glossy finish is achieved by the liquid which carries grit away from the sandpaper. Traditional dry sanding allows material from the grit to build up, causing deep scratches. Wet sanding ensures that no scratch is left that’s bigger than the particle size of the sandpaper, providing a glossy, scratch-free finish.

However, wet-sanding can be risky, so we’ve put together this article to help you find out if this advanced refinishing technique is right for your car.


Why Wet Sanding Should Be Used Carefully

The main reason that wet sanding is risky is that it can damage your paint. The heavy, intense sanding provided by this advanced detailing technique can damage your car’s clear coat – which is the primary barrier between your car’s paint and the elements.
In most vehicles, the clear coat is extremely thin – thinner than a dollar bill. These hyper-advanced coatings are responsible for paint protection, UV protection, rust prevention, and aid in maintaining vibrant car color, and healthy bodywork.

And here’s the catch –  most car detailing specialists recommend removing less than 25% of your clear coat over the entire lifetime of your vehicle. This means that abrasive techniques like dry sanding and wet sanding alike can be dangerous to your car – if you strip off your car’s clear coat by over-sanding, you could damage your car.

Now, we don’t mean to scare you – wet sanding can certainly be a great car detailing and restoration technique – we just wish to make it clear that wet sanding shouldn’t be used without thought to buff out simple scratches or paint defects.


Signs That Wet Sanding Might Be Right For Your Car

Wet sanding has many useful applications, and if you hire a professional or are an experienced detailer, you’ll certainly want to make use of this technique to:

  • Remove deep scratches that won’t come out with vehicle paint correction compound
  • Level touch-ups for easy polishing
  • Even-out new paint
  • Remove “orange-peel” effects from auto paint
  • Remove debris that may have fallen on a fresh, wet paint job.

As a rule, wet sanding is best used as a last resort. If you have exhausted other detailing techniques such as compounding, wet sanding is a great alternative.

However, there are some things that even wet sanding can’t do, such as deal with extremely deep acid rain etching and other defects that cut through the clear coat and paint, and expose metal.


When In Doubt, Use A Professional

The only true way to be safe when wet sanding your car is to use a professional detailing service like Miami Autoboutique. Professional detailers can use paint gauges to determine the overall health of your paint, and whether or not wet sanding is required to refinish and restore your paint.

Professionals also have much more experience wet-sanding – and when using power tools like rotary sanders, a light touch can be the difference between a successful wet-sanding project and a ruined paint job.

So if you’re looking for auto repair in Miami after an accident and need your paint job restored, come to Miami Autoboutique. We specialize in wet sanding and paint restoration, as well as car mods and auto repair.

You can trust us to deliver an incredible car detailing service that will have your car looking good as new, whether you’ve been in an accident, or your paint job has been suffering from years of neglect.

Don’t risk your clear coat, your paint job, or your car to an amateur wet sanding job. Come to Autoboutique Collision Center Miami – and see why we’re the best in the business.

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