Why Priming Your Car is Crucial to Achieving the Perfect Paint Job


21 Jun Why Priming Your Car is Crucial to Achieving the Perfect Paint Job

A new paint job can make anybody’s vehicle look brand new. But did you know that before your body shop applies the paint itself, there is a whole other process that has to take place to get your car ready? This is called “priming,” and it is just as important as applying the actual paint itself.


What is Primer’s Purpose?

Primer can be described like this: if you wanted to stick a decoration on your wall, you wouldn’t just put it on the wall and walk away, would you? No, because it would fall off the moment you removed your hand. If you want it to stick to the wall permanently or atleast for good amount of time, you would use something like tacks or glue. This is essentially what primer does. Primer is a bonding agent that allows the actual paint to seamlessly stay on your vehicle without easily coming off. Without using primer, your car would eventually react negatively with the paint on its surface and it would rust, completely ruining what you thought was a gorgeous new paint job.


When Should You Use it?

Any time you get down to your car’s bare metal, you will want to use primer again before adding any new paint. There are many reasons you would need to sand down to the metal of your vehicle, including all types of bodywork and repair. Once you reach that layer, however, you have exposed the most sensitive part of your vehicle to the raw elements. If you drove your vehicle around with no paint to protect the metal, it would rust completely and fall apart underneath you.

One great quality of primer is that when you add it to the metal, it can sometimes make your vehicle even stronger. Something to remember when applying primer is that you need to sand between every coat to smooth out any bumps or lumps that might occur while you’re applying it.


When Should You Not Use it?

While primer is crucial in ensuring your car’s health while doing extensive bodywork or repainting, there are other times where it’s just not necessary. For instance, if you are doing a smaller repair with minimal paint removal, there is probably no need to apply primer. It could actually make the repairs more difficult in some cases. Also, if you aren’t getting down to the car’s metal, you definitely don’t need primer.


In Conclusion

Primer is usually an essential part of your car’s paint job. In most cases, primer will save your car from rusting out and getting ruined by the elements after bodywork or a paint job. However, sometimes it’s not necessary if the job is small.

If you need a paint job from a body shop who knows exactly how to apply primer, check us out at Autoboutique Collision Center Miami. Our experienced auto paint mechanics can give you one of the best paint jobs in Miami for a great price, and when it comes to a team that knows their stuff on Miami car paint jobs, none has more experience under their belt than ACCM. Open a dialogue with us today and see how we can help!

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